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Carol Milne is a Seattle based artist who developed a unique process of simulating the idea of knitted glass.

Carol Milne knits glass to create sculptures that are both cozy and fragile

Tricots de verre : les sculptures insolites de Carol Milne

Knitted glass artwork with knitting needles in place, making it look like knitted work in progress.

Artist Carol Milne creates stunning sculptures of knitted glass. You can see examples of her work and read an article about her process on her web site. Prepare to be blown away! [via @MaxsWorld]

Knitted Glass From Carol Milne

Knitted Glass by Carol Milne. Wax threads are knitted, turned into a mould and then cast in glass. Pity you can't actually knit glass.

Carol Milne

Exquisite Glass Art Sculptures Resemble Needles and Yarn by Carol Milne Elegantly and delicately constructed, Seattle-based artist Carol Milne makes glass sculptures, which mimic the patterns of knit.

carol milne knitted | Fonte foto : carolmilne.com

Artist Carol Milne uses her needles to craft incredible glass sculptures in a complex and lengthy process that she invented in

Carol Milne Artwork

Carol Milne Artwork

Carol Milne "Cock-a-Doodle-Do"   kilncast lead crystal, taxidermy eyes, http://www.morganglassgallery.com/imagepages/milne_cock_a_doodle.htm

Teapots & Tanqueray - Cock-a-Doodle-Doo - A teapot based on a Rooster Kiln-Cast lead crystal knitted glass Artist Carol Milne

Mushroom Lawn Lights

These Solar-Powered Mushroom Lawn Lights Are An Adorable Addition To Your Backyard

Mushroom Lawn Lights- We could make indoor versions of these for kids to hold battery/solar tea lights.



Another piece of knitted glass artwork by Carol Milne

Knitting & Knitted - Darn - A fraying, knitted glove with a pun for a title.

Carol Milne, shown at Breien met Glass

Strike a Balance - Kiln-Cast lead crystal knitted glass 2013 - Carol Milne

Carol Milne Knitted Glass - lights http://www.carolmilne.com

Carol Milne Knitted Glass - lights http://www.carolmilne.com