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▶ Blacksmithing lesson 7: Hardy Tools - YouTube

I take a quick look at hardy tools. They go in a hole in the anvil. In this lesson I show you three different types of hardy tools: The Turning Fork, The Hot.

▶ Scrap Steel - YouTube

A couple of things you can use for knives; if you don't know what this stuff looks like, watch this video! EDIT*** I later found out that the springs are act.

▶ Scrap metal for starting blacksmithing - YouTube

Metal scrap, discussed in this vid, can be the source of useful material not only for decorative blacksmithing but making or repairing useful things, too

BLACKSMITHING - Forging tongs Step By Step How to - YouTube

workingwithiron presents Forging tongs step by step no step skipped. Basic blacksmithing techniques to make your own flat bit blacksmiths tongs.

▶ Making a Graphite Crucible - YouTube

This is a video of how to make a graphite crucible using a rather unique compression and extrusion process I invented. I am sorry it took so long but sometim.