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Paleo and SCD Friendly Fraisier Cake (very creamy and pure delish)

Paleo and SCD Friendly Creamy Fraisier Cake

German Apple Plum Cake

A German Apple Plum Cake with a different yet delicious dough. It uses applesauce instead of too much oil. It's a tasty plum cake with a twist.

Microwave Chocolate Cake. Your chocolate fix in just a couple of minutes with stuff you would usually have around the kitchen! Best/worst discovery ever!!! :)

Microwave Chocolate Cake - just made it, its super easy to make and tasty when ur craving something chocolate and cakey!

Торт Радуга с натуральными красителями.  Всегда нравилась идея торта с разноцветными бисквитами, но останавливало использование в рецепте искусственных красителей,тогда этот рецепт для вас!  Ингредиенты: Сок свеклы – 1-2 столовых ложки Сок морковки – 1 столовая ложка Желток – 1 шт Сок шпината – 1 столовая ложка Сок черники – 1 столовая ложка Сок ежевики – 1 столовая ложка  Для торта: Мука – 3,5 стакана Разрыхлитель – 2 чайных ложки Сода – ½ чайной ложки Сахар – 1,75 стакана Сливочное масло –…

Natural Food Coloring Rainbow Cake: Red Beet Juice, Orange Carrot Juice etc.

Around these parts, we believe in cakes -- birthday cakes, layer cakes, ice cream cakes, and, yes, even cupcakes (obviously). We are especially beholden, though, to the pound cake, who always tells it like it sees it (see: “pound”) and never ever puts on airs. Just stir the batter in a big bowl, pour it into a simple loaf pan, and -- voilá -- CAKE, at your service. Here are 20 of our favorite recipes.

Hot and Heavy: 20 Gluttonous Pound Cakes

Grandmothers Cinnamon Stars for Christmas

Cinnamon Stars - Seasonal Cookies for the Holidays

Our Best Easter Desserts

Mashed ripe banana adds moistness to this layer cake, which features a lemon cream cheese frosting and a layer of fresh raspberries.

Kirmes & Oktoberfest – A German Fair

When Kirmes and the Oktoberfest falls in the same week, a fun filled beautiful fair can be expected. See what Kirmes in Germany is all about.

Bolos de casamento alternativos com Oreos!

Saia da mesmice! 10 alternativas ao bolo de casamento tradicional

Decadent Cherry Mousse Brownies

From breads and brownies to suppers and snacks, these gluten-free recipes are simply delicious.

Have a Keto Cookout! Low Carb Summer Recipes

Let’s face it, holidays can be a little tough when you’re on a diet. Don’t let this of July holiday get you off.

Alisa's Homemade Vegan White Chocolate -

Alisa Fleming shares her recipe for homemade vegan dairy-free white chocolate that makes a great base for her white chocolate crispy bars.