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this movie can not come out fast enough ... ROBOCOP (due out late 2013, early 2014) | for more, visit "Omnicorp" http://omnicorp.com/

Robocop 2014 Making of the Suit – Video

Robocop by Samuel Ho

ART ATTACK: RoboCop, Voltron, Deadpool, TMNT, and More

20 Seconds to Comply (Robobop) by Sam "Sho" Ho

"RoboCop (1987)" Theatrical Trailer - YouTube

"RoboCop (1987)" Theatrical Trailer - YouTube


RoboCop by ~Trufanov on deviantART

The box cover for "Jaws," released by LJN for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987

Jaws [NES] - Based on the 1975 Universal Pictures film @ Jaws Quartet

The future of law enforcement

RoboCop - This franchise included three films, a live-action TV series and a animated TV series (the latter produced by Marvel Productions). Licensing for the franchise is handled by MGM Consumer Products.

I loved the Genesis. I was  Genesis girl and I grew up on it. It is perhaps my favorite retro console other then the N64.

Sega Genesis Console Sega Genesis

The design of this oldschool game console is so badass. I still have all three designs of the Genesis.

A Nightmare on Elm Street video game for the Nintendo NES

A game based the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" slasher film series in which the player must collect Freddy Krueger's bones and try to kill him once and for all.


One of Hideo Kojima's earlier titles, Snatcher is among my list of favorite games ever. Great atmosphere, fun characters, and a great sense of humor.

After Burner - NES Game

After Burner - NES Game

After Burner is a 1987 Japanese arcade game by Sega. It is the first game in the After Burner series. It was also available on the Sega Master System console.




The Guardian Legend Nintendo

Everything Data East put out was awesome and this was no exception. Admit it, this machine is a beauty

Everything Data East put out was awesome and this was no exception.

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Airwolf (NES)

Airwolf is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1988 based on the TV show.

Super Glove Ball (NES, 1990)

Super Glove Ball (NES, 1990)