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The Original Polly Pockets. you know, pocket sized? i had the one on the right!

Peaches 'n Cream Barbie. One of my first Barbies - I still have the dress somewhere in a box. It was nice, peachy, and fluffy.

I loved my Peaches & Cream Barbie ! 18 Barbie Dolls From The And That Are Worth A Fortune Now

Polly Pocket

45 Awesome Toys Every ’90s Girl Wanted For Christmas

Barbie Sun Sensation doll. I remember you, I remember your necklace. I just got taken back 20+ years...am I that old?

Barbie Sun Sensation doll Looks like tanning bed Barbie.

I watched this all the time when I was young and had the game. Everytime I quote it or talk about it NO ONE knows what I'm talking about! Why doesn't anyone else remember it!

Dinosaurs the TV show was the best thing ever ! I use to watch this all the time as a kid !

Beldar Conehead: If, for some reason your life functions ceased, my most precious one, I would collapse, I would draw the shades and I would live in the dark. I would never get out of my slar pad or clean myself. My fluids would coagulate, my cone would shrivel, and I would die, miserable and lonely. The stench would be great.

"Coneheads" starring Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin. SNL skit in the and became a movie.

Just as they will never know why when they say, "STOP!" I follow it up with "collaborate and listen".

/ you know you grew up in the when you immediately see the connection between a cassette tape and a pencil.

I miss the 80's....

I forgot about my bottled emotion perfume! I use to wear that all the time

This use to be my fave!

Rainbow Heart Plastic Stretch Bracelet Everything was rainbows and hearts…