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Dwarf Green Curly Kale: European favorite for hardiness and fine flavor. High yields of curled leaves hold all winter; juicy flowering shoots appear in spring. Sheds water well.

White Russian

Vigorous attractive selection, White Russian Kale tolerates water saturated soil better than other varieties. A cousin of Red Russian Kale the leaves are lightly frilled and dissected with white veining.

January King Late Harvest: Famous winter cabbage and one of the hardiest. Survives all winter in Zone 7. Solid, flat light green heads weigh 3-5 lbs. Heart is more tender than most other cabbages and has a milder flavor that many prefer. Thin blistered leaves with purple flush. Frost improves flavor. Fine for shaded gardens anytime.

Penelope loves growing some of her food in her enchanted garden. She believes the fairies living there protect them, and the beauty of her greens inspire some of her character´s fashions too.

Red Russian Kale

Russian Red Kale- this is a great Kale for salads when use young leaves

Early Half Tall Brussels Sprouts seed,Early Brussels sprouts-Bountiful Gardens

Early Half Hall Brussel Sprouts: Refined European selection of an early heirloom variety giving a heavy crop of buttons from top to bottom of the stalk. Ready by mid-Autumn, stands to early winter.

Tronchuda Cabbage,Tronchuda Cabbage seed,portugese Cabbage-Bountiful Gardens

Tronchuda Cabbage,Tronchuda Cabbage seed,portugese Cabbage-Bountiful Gardens

Kale | 80twenty

This Vibrant Kale and Potato Soup with Salt and Vinegar Crispy Kale is ultra tasty and super quick to make.

Pea, Admiral Soup Pea Organic

Admiral Soup Pea: Admiral is cold-hardy and easy to grow. Yellow pea with pale tan skin.The dry peas store easily and cook rapidly into soup. Grows almost anywhere; if your season is too short or cold for growing beans to store, try these.