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Lol it's true over active production of oxytocin!

That’s Why I’m Alone

Funny pictures about That's Why I'm Alone. Oh, and cool pics about That's Why I'm Alone. Also, That's Why I'm Alone photos.

Hydride Shift and Methyl Shift Mechanism #Orgo #studyTips

Organic chemistry tutorial video on hydride shift and methyl shift in reaction mechanisms. Learn why carbocation rearrangements occur and recognize patterns to indicate a hydride or methyl shift based on the available groups on your organic compound

molecular biology: Creepin out the lab mate... I totally lost it with this one, laughing laughing laughing... Sounds like something my friends and I would make up in AP Bio. ;)

Creeping out your labmates 3


Cyclohexane Chair conformation: It might take some imagination to see this – here’s an image from a textbook that might make it more clear: Chair Girl (and Boat Dude)


This is what bonding all about in chemistry They quite ; It's fun time here all over the charge.

The best way to end chemistry presentations

The best way to end chemistry presentations

Funny pictures about Bear Problems. Oh, and cool pics about Bear Problems. Also, Bear Problems photos.

Everything you need to know about EAS - Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution. From the simple mechanism and resonance of the sigma-complex to the reaction mechanisms for aromatic halogenation, nitration, sulfonation, friedel-crafts alkylation/acylation, and of course ortho/meta/para directors

Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Mechanisms and Reactions - Organic Chemistry Tutorial Video Series