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Dragón de mar foliáceo - http://www.depeces.com/dragon-de-mar-foliaceo.html

Dragón de mar foliáceo

The leafy seadragon or Glauert's seadragon (Phycodurus eques). It looks like a piece of floating seaweed, but is a marine fish related to sea horses. It grows to cm and feed on plankton and small crustaceans.

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Starfish-Killing Robot to Rescue Great Barrier Reef : Discovery News

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Jember, Java, Indonesia (Monica Anantyowati, The positions in which frogs get photographed are just hilarious

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Naturally occurring pink katydid in Osaka.  WOW this is really cool !

pink katydid: The pink colouring of some katydids is due to a condition called erythrism

Leafy Sea Dragon | by SEA LIFE®

Seahorses***Research for possible future project. This is actually a Sea Dragon, which is not related at all to Sea Horses.