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jensen ackles and felicia day. Oh goodness me, this is so cute! I wish things weren't the way they were in the show, so they could've been together. Although it wouldn't have turned out well, those moments of hope and love would have been great.

Jensen and Felicia--- it is exactly this bond that makes me love this cast so freaking much. Felicia was in a couple of episodes and now she's a part of this massive family of insane people. I love it.

oml lmao XD>>>imagine na na na coming on by MCR. All killjoys would be running at full speed pretending to fight invisible people.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RnL - catching up to Rhetts height by Chocoreaper on deviantART

Rhett is basically a giantD'aw Link I totally feel ya. The gorilla shirts are from this photo.Rhett & Link © themselves RnL - catching up to Rhetts height