Middle: American, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Bottom: American child's dress, ca. Metropolitan Museum of Art. This does not look like a child's dress but then in 1885 it could very well be.

Romanov gown

Regency Trained Gowns

The State Hermitage Museum: Digital Collection -- Powered by IBM Ceremonial Court Dress (according to legend, belonged to Empress Maria Fyodorovna), 1820 Russia

1780s gown, National Museums Northern Ireland:

“ Robe a l’anglaise ca. From the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum ”

1870s silk bustle dress is a success due to its reliance on Japonisme in the form of a kimono jacket and underskirt. It is of interest that an actual kimono was incorporated to fashion the dress, rather than the more anticipated use of a kimono as fashionable "at-home" wear. Reproduction underskirt finishes the brightly elegant garment. Monet, Renoir & other Impressionist artists frequently painted their models in kimonos... Kyoto Costume Institute

KCI says: White kimono fabric of figured shibori silk satin; embroidery of wisteria* chrysanthemum* peony* and Chinese fan motifs in metallic threads .This dress was remade from a Japanese kimono in London fashion tips

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dress of 1886 consists of two pieces (bodice and skirt). Chine silk bodice 'with blue velvet trim. Skirt in ivory silk with blue velvet inlay.

Bustle - just breathtaking! -  from an outstanding 1870s period dress used in The Age of Innocence -  This could also be considered a “princess line” dress - from Defunct Fashion

The Age of Innocence movie set ca. 1870 CostumeDesign by Gabriella Pescucci from Tirelli Costumi for Michelle Pfeiffer as Ellen, countess Olenska (detail)

Lindíssimo vestido de manhã, 1865. Propriedade do Kobe Fashion Museum, no Japão.

Lindíssimo vestido de manhã, 1865. Propriedade do Kobe Fashion Museum, no Japão.

Imperial Russian court dress c. 1884

Court dress, From the National Historical Museum. I would so wear this to a costume ball. if only I ever had a costume ball to go to.

Empress Josephine's Court Dress, c. 1800-4. Her taste in fashion influenced all of Europe. This style is call the Empire or Regency.

Regency Trained Gowns

I love watching period dramas. One of the reasons are the clothes. I love and century clothing. Clothing of the regency period is my favorite. The regency period lasted from 1795 to Women’s clothing during this time.

Sooooo elegant

Belle Époque Summer Gown - - Cream silk chiffon w/ pale printed & flocked rose blossom clusters in soft colors - Brooklyn Museum - Augusta Auctions

1890's dress

If I ever create a outfit, this is what I'd use as my inspiration. Blue Cotton Walking Suit Of Jacket And Skirt With Detail Of Venetian Point Lace And Glass Beads - ANTIcostume Not actually vintage.

Dinner Dress  Charles Fredrick Worth, 1878-1880  The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Leave it to WORTH to have such a great use of accent fabric to show off the the detail of the bustle Dress Charles Fredrick Worth, The Philadelphia Museum of Art