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1770s from musea gallirea

This is a matching pink caraco jacket and petticoat from the This outfit has less decoration and the jacket is based off of an English man's riding dress. Eschelles still adorn the front in a similar color of pink.

Robe a la francaise retrousee ca. 1765-80 From the Philadelphia...

Robe à la française (worn à la Polonaise) with Attached Stomacher: ca. French, silk taffeta woven with shaded stripes, bodice and sleeves lined with linen, cuffs lined with wool flannel, stitched in silk thread. Held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Robe à la française sur grand panier en Pékin façonné, vers 1760. Pékin

Robe à la francaise, c. Spink striped silk brocaded with flower sprays on cream ground;

Back view breeches and waistcoat, formal 3-piece suit, c.1770. Brown silk velvet. (costume collection at Ham House, Surrey)

Back view breeches and waistcoat, formal suit, Brown silk velvet. (costume collection at Ham House, Surrey)

Robe à la Française, con Peto o Petillo brocado en un solo color, 1750-1770.

Warp-patterned robe a l’Anglaise. Silk tobine dress, woven with a regularly repeating design of stylized flowers, circa (material);

Embroiders Jacket and Petticoat c. 1740

Mellom 1730 og 1750 (broderiet) / mellom 1770 og 1789 (antrekket) Look at that embroidery! I want to do that.

1775-1785 Polonaise

"Side view: Polonaise, Spain, Salmon silk & fabric decoration with applied green silk taffeta. 5 covered cylindrical buttons at the wrist. The seams are covered by a braided cord that ends at the waist loop and tassel trimmings.

Robe à l’anglaise retrousée, late 1770′s

fripperiesandfobs: Robe à l’anglaise retrousée,... - marieantoinettesplayhouse

Spitalfield silk polonaise robe a l'Anglaise,1765-70, altered in 19th century for fancy dress, pale green/ivory changeable silk taffeta woven with scattered posies, closed-front bodice, twisted ribbons of matching fabric with added padding to the bodice, floss silk tufts, thick baleen bones to the front closure, ruffled close-fitting engageants, ivory floss silk covered buttons bust approx 28in; together with pale blue quilted silk petticoat and whitework sprigged muslin apron

A Spitalfield silk polonaise robe a l'Anglaise, circa altered in the century for fancy dress.