Mercedes A-Cero

Deluxe Caravans

Tiny houses such as this portable Leaf House are ingeniously designed to maximize space, which isn't the case with my regular smallish house. Photo used with permission from Leaf House Small Space Design and Build.

Heart cutout, nook bed, wood paneling.

Camper Trailer Gypsy Vardo - Beautiful, raised bed for storage, back split into bathroom/bed = more room in living space without bathroom in the hallway.


The 18 Most Beautiful Lofts You’ve Ever Seen

love the rail, and the ladder attached to it. Tennessee Tiny Homes. This tiny home on a trailer has a living room, kitchen, bathroom and sleep loft. Great idea for a "guest" area!

have bathroom whr kitchen is and kitchen shelf door open into bathroom

Small Space Living

Space Efficiency is something we can learn from a Tiny Home…and hopefully apply to any size home :) Photo: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Tumbleweed Cypress-24 with EdgeStar Washer/Dryer Combo  One of the most frequently asked questions regarding tiny home living is: Can I do laundry in a tiny home? The answer is: Yes! There are many units available and elements to consider, such as: space requirements, load capacity, weight, portability,

Top Laundry Units for Tiny Homes

Tiny Home with staircase storage, washer/dryer combo, and bedroom on the first floor. I would put the bedroom in The loft, and make a bar over the washer/dryer

Foresters Cabin with Fold-Up Sides

24 x 12 timber frame Foresters Cabin by Roderick James Architects; frame by Carpenter Oak; the decks fold up to secure the cabin when not in use

Truck House

Home, Home on the Road: 10 Houses on Wheels

Cozy School Bus - House on Wheels — 10 Home, Homes on the Road — Bob Vila - Bob Vila; Tiny Home



Electrochef Model B-2 electric stove in white enamel, designed by Warren Nobel of Detroit Edison in 1929 for Electromaster Inc. Detroit

Odd 'Oven of the Future' by "ELECTROCHEF" FRIDGE-StOVE COMBO is beautiful. I would treasure this quirky little thing in a tiny home. Comes in a double model with two wings of ovens.

Tiny space in the woods

Such an amazing tiny home! So classy with the white and dark stained wood. A custom tiny house on wheels in Oregon City, Oregon. Shared and built Heirloom Custom Tiny Homes.

Gina's "Sweet Pea" tiny house by Portland Alternative Dwellings (plans for sale at the link)

sweet pea tiny house plans 07 Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans: Big Enough to Start a Family? I LOVE the sweet pea

A window at the sink

The most amazing tiny house kitchen I've ever seen. Go to the website to see the abundant storage space in this tiny kitchen. andrew odom tiny house 033 Andrews Family Tiny Home on Wheels: Rooms and Spaces and Tiny Places

wonderful tiny house layout, very traditional.......finally a bed without the loft......I don't want to be climbing stairs and crawling to change the sheets

Super Easy to Build Tiny House Plans

my side by side bed and bathroom for minim house.wonderful tiny house layout, very traditional.finally a bed without the loft.I don't want to be climbing stairs and crawling to change the sheets

Tiny Tack House

candices tiny house by tack 2 Yans Tiny Tack House based on Tumbleweed Fencl: Open House. Love the ladder-steps!

Tall Man's Tiny House

Tall Man's Tiny House

sliding doors make sense! but need to find out whether french doors are more energy efficient ~ tall man's tiny house . also like large glass doors on long side, use of corrugated metal walls in bathroom, colorful shelving

A 355 square feet tiny house on wheels in Felton, California. Designed by Molecule Tiny Homes. - Tiny House Swoon

A 355 square feet tiny house on wheels in Felton, California. Designed by Molecule Tiny Homes. - Tiny House Swoon (it has a flatter roof over loft, but still has small peaks on opposite side.