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The Beatles Poster LSD Psychedelic Acid Poster John Paul George Ringo 1967

Antes de ser ser conocida como Lady Gaga, se hacía llamar Candy Warhol, como tributo al artista pop que más ha inspirado su carrera.

Festival of Mordern Art poster Doelgroep: muziekliefhebbers Stephanie Meens

Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf

The Beatles Pop Art Block Giant Wall Art Poster (P-0155)

The Beatles Pop Art Block Giant Wall Art Poster (P-0155)

In 1967, the Beatles record label contracted Richard Avedon to design these incredible posters. Distribution rights were given to several different outlets in different countries. In the U.S., "LOOK" magazine is where you could order your set with a pullout tab, and send away for your set to come in the mail. They were also distributed in England through the Daily Express and in the rest of Europe through "Stern" magazine. This set of four comes from "Stern" magazine in Germany.

The Beatles collective portraits by Richard Avedon - or - The Beatles - pop art Psychedelic Poster art

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour (LP)- Spirit of Rock Webzine (fr)

Magical Mistery Tour was one of the first Beatles masterpiece that I owned. Beautiful music and great art cover!