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Emryn playing the violin in her dream. She uses music and elements in her dreams to express her pleasure. She can't play the violin in real life, but she loves to write music.

Sage Archetype. #NewRules

She bent to drink water and white magic sprang from the water. life of the water is what she was seeing.

(Open rp. I'm a werewolf) Fear runs through me as I'm being hunted down in my wolf form. Why were people after me? What had I done wrong? I was so afraid. Afraid that I would be killed.

If your eyes are blue your a mermaid ( obviously ) . if your eyes are brown your a werewolf . If your eyes are hazel your a vampire . And if your eyes are green your a hybrid

♥ What you seek is seeking you

What Type of Dragon Are You?

Gif: Fire And Water Hands With Heart Fire and ice hands and heart Love is the Water of Life. And a Lover is a soul of Fire. "The Universe turns differently when Fire Loves Water.

Escape the Imperial City by Jorsch

Another commissional work I did for an Elder Scrolls Online player. Escape the Imperial City


Paintings in the Gothic style by Victoria Frances, famous Spanish artist, depict young women suffering from love to obsession of vampires.

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I feel like I'm drowning. in my thoughts, in life, in everything. ( Illustrations by sung-choul ham )

Pictures from Eve Ventrue deviantart | bg stay by smilika fan art digital art painting airbrushing games 2013 ...

Male Elf archer with Human Female together conjoined .elf nature and human nature being what they are, that step into the unexpected is always so enticing and so together they took it.

Ilona, goddess of the northern forest and mistress of beasts.  She can communicate and control all animals, except for shapeshifters.  It is said that Ilona is the Amaranthian equivalent of Sabriel, the mother Arabor and his dark brothers.  She is the one who sends Tatchi to guard over Amara.

Winter Guardians Gothic Christmas Yule Card by talented Fantasy artist Anne Stokes It has a lovely sketch and greeting inside the card and comes with

Anamika and Kishan

Digital Art and wallpaper showcase of anime art, fantasy art, sci fi art, wallpapers and illustrations.