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El jugar con los alimentos permiten identificarlos y conocer sus texturas para así recordar sus nombres.

The food is flying, don't panic! Studies support the idea that messy learning is often fabulous learning. Messy children make better learners: Toddlers learn words for nonsolids better when getting messy in a highchair

The lost art of "benign neglect" (letting children roam outside, unsupervised).

The lost art of "benign neglect" (letting children roam outside, unsupervised). This is how I grew up on Galveston Bay.

Arguing in the open can be healthy for parents and kids. Plenty has changed since the days of "Not in front of the children."

The Family That Fights Together

When (and why) is it OK for parents to fight in front of their kids?

Learning about Infant/Toddler Development – Five Helpful Resources | Hellobee

Learning about Infant/Toddler Development – Five Helpful Resources

say "no" to homework. interesting stance...and even as a former teacher, I have to say I agree (for the most part).

Saying "NO" to homework for elementary school-aged children ~ a VERY good read!

I know it drives you nuts. The very second you get on the phone, every kid in the house needs something. While they are spewing their needs at you, you are secretly hoping you can crawl in a hole. It’s embarrassing when a child interrupts. It’s rude and obnoxious. Plus, it renders your conversation ineffective. I …

How to Teach Your Child Not to Interrupt

How to teach your kids to not interupt ~ Does it drive you nuts that your children interrupt you? There is a simple and effective solution. With a little training, you can fix this!

This story talks all about the evolution of play and how it affects the self-regulation of our children today.

Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills

Got a toddler who throws? Check out these tips for addressing throwing behavior, from MamaOT.com.

Tips for addressing throwing behavior Posted on October 2012 Let’s be honest: isn’t it annoying when cute little babies or toddlers start throwing stuff? And you can’t even reason with them!