September 1980: Lady Diana Spencer is pictured working as nursery school assistant at the Young England Kindergarten, Pimlico, London

Diana, Princess of Wales, in pictures

Prince George Is Going to Thomas's Battersea School in London

Prince George Is Off to Class! All About the Exclusive $23,000-a-Year London School He'll Attend This Fall

Prince Harry, Prince William, Princess Diana on the first day of school! Harry looks to William for a bit of confidence perhaps. It is his very first day of school after all!

Princess Diana with sons, William and Harry.

Princess Diana with Prince William & Prince Harry. Princess of Wales. Wife of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.

Princesse Diana et ses enfants

Diana, you accomplished so much in your life! You legacy lives on through your wonderful sons, who are already making the necessary changes for the future of the royal family. Forever and always, a princess of the people!

Princes William and Harry by Fergus Greer

Brothers at ease: New photo shows casual Princes William and Harry at their most informal

A previously unseen portrait of Prince William and Prince Harry – in which the royal brothers are dressed down in

Princess Diana (with Prince Charles) visiting the King’s Troop Royal Horse…

Princess Diana's Dresses To Go On Display In Kensington Palace

Princess Diana's Iconic Outfits ~~ Princess Diana Dubbed the "Elvis dress," Diana wore this pearl-encrusted bolero and gown at the British Fashion Awards in

Diana   I think she changed the monarchy forever, leaving behind a true legacy for her boys.

Beautiful capture of Princess Diana and Prince William. Great pose for a mother and small child.

1991 The boys with mummy

Prince Harry, Princess Diana, and Prince William. Love this with the Horses.

Larainy Days: What is in the Royal Handbag?

Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Benedict XVI leave to meet school children outside the Palace of