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Hey, ash! Look, my metal is gold!  lawl

Well that explains it with a certain Scorpio in my and a Gemini in my is my oldest child's birthstone, gold is only thing I have ever worn in jewelry

And being true to myself has given me more heartache than anything else.

These best life quotes from famous authors prove everyone has bad days, and that no matter how stressful it can seem - you'll get through it in one piece. If you need to feel inspired, these famous literary quotes will help.

Exactly. That is me out and out. If I want you in my bubble I will invite you there that's just how I am.

Leo can't stand forced scenarios, if it doesn't come naturally. forget it. Bro dating a Leo felt so amazing😭💔

I've married 3 times just for the sake of not being alone.

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Daily Horoscope Lion- Zodiac Mind Your source for Zodiac Facts Daily Horoscope Lion 2017 Description Damn straight so dont mess with my cousins! of the total 17 are Leos)

Leo Lioness

Leo Lioness- This with the Leo symbol and/or a lion added to it ♡♡♡