simple doodling, good composition

It's Valentine's Day and hearts are everywhere! It inspired me to gather together a collection of my artsy hearts. I love hearts and put .

930460043ea311f784e113bd00b02a1f.jpg (800×798)

Now this is a journal~ I'm taking an online lettering class with Joanne.I am learning and stepping outside my box in big ways.


Marine Life

embrace life

To be true, you must embrace the life that is calling you, bloom, and listen to the whispers in your soul. (Whimspiration doodle by Joanne Sharpe)

I could pin almost everything from this site-it's a collection of many art journal samples that people submit.

"It is when things are at their absolute worst, that we must be the most stubborn in our faith in goodness. Faith calls down the power of Heaven.