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Princess Diana

QUICK FACT: Princess Diana When Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles she was given the title and style Her Royal Highness, Princess Diana of Wales. However once the divorce was finalised she lost.

Princess Diana soaking wet at a  Luciano Pavarotti concert on                   30 July 1991 at Hyde Park.

30 July 1991 Princess Diana became soaking wet at an outdoor Luciano Pavarotti concert in Hyde Park

Princess Diana wearing a poppy, and a beautiful ice blue suit that highlight her magnificent blue eyes!

The smile that changed the face of the British royal family./****The Royal Family seem to have had no idea she was their best ambassador until after her death. The only way I can justify their lack of knowledge is that they were so consumed with their own "plot" to keep the country from scandal that they thought she was just busy taking luxurious vacations with a man. They didn't know her at all.

A page dedicated to the timeless and divine Diana, Princess of Wales, and her children William and Henry and their partners. May she rest in peace.

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August Diana, Princess of Wales visited Bosnia as part of her campaign to ban landmines.

Princess Diana 1987

June 2 1997 Diana at Christie's Auction House in St. James Park in London for a private viewing and reception in aid of the AIDS Crisis Trust and the Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Fund


child of Prince Charles (Charles Philip Arthur George) of Wales Princess Diana Frances Spencer “Di” UK. Prince Henry “Harry” (Henry Charles Albert David) of Wales, UK. Prince Harry kissing his mummy, Princess Diana, UK.

I met this famous lady when I was only 14 the memory will always stay with me. xxx

It was intended to be a simple and profound memorial service organised by two sons to honour the mother they lost. Yet, in the weeks since the memorial service was announced, allegations of squabbling, backbiting and bitter recriminations have emerged

Adorable photo of Prince Harry kissing his Mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. Lady Di. Diana Spencer. Royals. Royal Family. Britain.

Adorable shot of a young Prince Harry kissing his mum, Princess Diana. So cute picture for Princess Diana with her son Prince Harry.

Prince William waved toward the sky, he told his mother Princess Diana her grandson was born...this pic was so touching

Princess Diana watching over her new grandson Prince George, and son, Prince William & daughter-in-law Princess Catherine