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#Sevilla de #compras con Paqui #tiempolibre #calidaddevida así es la #vida #lazymillionaireleague Tu también ya puedes #disfrutar #desdecasa generando #ingresos Infórmate más en...

#Sevilla de #compras con Paqui #tiempolibre #calidaddevida así es la #vida #lazymillionaireleague Tu también ya puedes #disfrutar #desdecasa generando #ingresos Infórmate más en...

Looks so cute, I don't wanna drink it!!  kazuki-yamamoto- coffee art

15 Amazing Latte Art From Japan! Kazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese barista who constructs eye-popping works of art using just foam and coffee.

Gravidas e Gravidez

Saiba Tudo que Muda no Corpo Durante a Gravidez

skull- Starbucks now sells gourmet monkey cat shit bean coffee at a premium. We suggest a grey matter roast made from human brains of the newly deceased dried and ground into the beverage of your choice

Coffee Anyone? For some, there's nothing like drinking a fresh cup of coffee to wake up in the morning. Although I wish this skull-shaped coffee grinder was real, it's actually an awesome photo manipulation created by digital artist AZRainman.

Salvador Dali coffee (via)

Funny pictures about Salvador Dali Coffee. Oh, and cool pics about Salvador Dali Coffee. Also, Salvador Dali Coffee.

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Rainy days make me smile...

We should never see the cup as half empty. We deserve a cup full of God’s wrath. Even an empty cup would be more than we deserve. But God gives us a cup full of his blessings. Therefore, our cup is overflowing and never half in any way.

Cold Press Coffee:  Grind fresh, whole, dark roast coffee beans into medium-fine grounds. Fill jar 20-25% with coffee and the rest of the way with filtered water. Brew in the refrigerator 12-24 hours. Double filter the coffee--use a French press as the first filter and a cone coffee filter as the second.

The perfect iced coffee recipe +++ I sure hope so! I'm always hunting for that perfect iced coffee!