#directionerdistrict45 y.! :P

23 is my favorite number and its Wisconsin It was meant to be!

Scared me at first! I need a paper bag omg my heart almost stopped

Scared me at first! I need a paper bag omg my heart almost stopped<<< Bloddy hell almost gave me a heart attack

YES! I mean looks are temporary. They can come and go and for me looks can only go so far. If you are attractive that's great, but if you are a jerk then I won't take a second look. I hate it when people have bad personalities. These boys are pure, genuine and their personalities are real. They look great but their personalities are what really makes me love them and feel so dedicated to them.

i think that they are a group of fantastic people with amazing personalities that also happen to be blessed with amazing voices and gorgeous faces. they make my heart happy

i'd say i feel bad for embarrassing my friends... except for i really don't (:

This is so accurate. Can spongebob be in the fandom?

niall...i cant wait for us to have our time...i will meet you...just give me time...we will be together...i love you so much...dont give up on me...just give me time

Awh Nialler and thank you to that girl for wording it right

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Plis we can contain ourselves to kill the fans that wear or use that kind of "fan stuff"

LOL oh hey Louis!! This is me when I try a new flavor! {Try Chocolate Chai}

Directioner should know.if u dont ur a Directionator just face it

um...@Madeline Lefler I think this was made for us! (except the fan fic part... I think those are just weird...)

Sleepover Directioner style (: I need a very serious directioner friend to dothis with.

Tomorrow... This year is just jam packed and crazy... And tomorrow... Liam becomes an adult... :( BUT! He promised us he'd never change so HA! Take that big gorge between teen into ty! :P

He won't be tomorrow. He will no longer be a teen. They will be manband.