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I *love* chatelaines (though technically, this cannot be called a "chatelaine" as it was created before the word came to use to describe items like this) “Set of 5 small telescopes mounted on a pendant brass chatelaine. The pendants are of different shape. This type of telescope pendant Lunettes Breloques was in vogue in the early nineteenth century, was brought to the vest along with a few pairs of glasses (fassamani). It was the prevailing fashion for les incroyables that roamed the…

Precious object with four small telescopes pendant, mounted on a brass chatelaine, of various shapes and an eyeglass case with mother of pearl shell.

Chantelaine worn at waist 18th Cen.  I've always wanted one of these!

Chatelaine London, about 1850 Made by Joseph Banks Durham Cut steel Given by Mrs Gilbert Russell V

18th century  English Ormolu Equipage for needlework. Antique bronze dorè (gold-plated) equipage for needlework with symmetrical waist plaque, five plaited chains and five separate appendages. This containers are thimble case, bodkin case, scissors case and two additional containers possibly for wax or powder. The Rococo chasing is typical of the period and exquisitely carried out showing splendid classical figures. All five container snap closed nicely and have original hinges.

century English Ormolu Equipage for needlework. This containers are thimble case, bodkin case, scissors case and two additional containers possibly for wax or powder.

Chatelaine: The chatelaine is fitted with a watch key, fob watch and a revolving rock crystal seal, neither of which were likely made at the same time as the chatelaine and watch.  Date	18th century  Medium:	gold, gilt metal, agate, rock crystal Wikimedia Commons

The watch and chatelaine are decorated with elaborate scrollwork and garlands over beautifully striated agate. The chatelaine is fitted with a watch key and a revolving rock crystal seal, …

chatelaine  civil war era

1760 Gilt toy chatelaine and watch. Small gilt watch with chased and engraved back, white enamel dial with Roman and Arabic numerals and hands. Small chased and engrave clip, two short chains supporting the watch and two other chains, one with a key.


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Current design inspiration : Chatelaines. Chatelaine is French for “mistress of the castle” In the 18th and 19th centuries, women in charge of their estates wore a decorative clip of lo…

Brief History: Chatelaine

CHATELAINE "B-arrow" mark sterling chatelaine engraved with scrolls and flowers and the initials "ELC", mirror pillbox 3900 w/mirror dance cards coin ball lipstick 3996 pencil case for ?

Chatelaine, Britain, ca. 1850.    Chatelaines were decorative but useful waist hung fashion accessories. The system of clips and chains, attached to the belt, kept small but necessary items such as sissors, keys and money easily accessible for housewives and housekeepers. Before the 1850s pockets were uncommon in women’s garments and chatelaines were a versatile and ornamental alternative.

Chatelaine by Banks Durham, Joseph, ca. 1850 (made). Cut steel chatelaine, England, about Museum Number to

Victorian Chatelaine

Victorian Chatelaine: with tape measure, spoon, sugar bottle, medicine bottle, scissors

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i positively hate rolling up my measuring tapes and something in my brain says they must be stored rolled up.



Chatelaine Place of origin: London, England (made) Chester, United Kingdom (probably, sold) Date: (made)