Suculentas cactus, desert landscapes, jardins áridos, canteiros de suculentas, arranjos, terrários de suculentas.

Suculentas à Mesa.

Turn an old dresser into a tiered garden! This must be done here in Cali! Time to hit up yard sales goodwill again :)

suculentas no telhado do galinheiro

Suculentas no Telhado

O vaso multifuncional possui diversas entradas laterais, de onde se pode cultivar vários outras mudas de plantas menores, além da planta...

Paint, varnish, add succulents to your strawberry pots.bring inside during the winter for instant color & life! some catus freeze so bringing inside is a good idea


Echeveria subrigida Fire and Ice. We've used this in a corner of the front border, with smaller Echaveria Nurenburg (lavender color) edge planting.

Should I grow succulents indoors or outdoors?

These juicy succulents with their bold foliage, along with cactus, beautifully complement the stone mantel they are growing on, thriving in a partially shaded area.