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Photographer Simon Butterworth took aerial shots of it. Shots of blue salt fields look so surreal and literally patterns of abstract painting. It’s obvious that it is worthy of appreciation and it .

Great photograph by Steve Back - Salt Flats

Steve’s aerial images of salt pans and lagoons in the Australian outback are perfect expressions of how he captures form and function in the natural world.

"Photographer Simon Butterworth captured stunning aerial shots of these blue salt fields in Australia."

Australian Blue Salt Fields by Simon Butterworth

Simon Butterworth - Blue Fields Photographer Simon Butterworth has beautifully captured the Useless Loop solar salt operation in Shark Bay, Australia to create a stunning aerial photography series.

Salt flats at the south end of San Francisco Bay  | by Tolka Rover, via Flickr.  Photography

Earth’s Most Stunning Natural Fractal Patterns - Salt Flats. The San Francisco Bay salt flats pictured above have been used for commercial salt production for over a century.

Hand drawn map of London. White Frame - Notonthehighstreet

Hand-drawn map of London by Jenni Sparks. Jenni Sparks has collaborated with Evermade to create the definitive culture map of London.

Beautiful Aerial Photos Of The Blue Salt Fields, Shark Bay, Australia

Beautiful Aerial Photos Of The Blue Salt Fields, Shark Bay, Australia

Blue Fields Aerial Photography, Behind this breathtaking series is the photographer Simon Butterworth, who captured those images from a light aircraft flying over Useless Loop, located in the southern region of Shark Bay, Western Australia.

Саймон Баттерворт - Голубые поля, Австралия

Simon Butterworth’s Blue Fields Landscapes Will Make You Think You’re Looking at Paintings