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As de luz

As de luz

Blue relaxes the nervous system so use for sleep problems and hyper-active minds. more diseases are treated by blue light than any other.                                                                                                                                                     More


Blue delphiniums Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers if these are real, i would like a few in our bouquets.

Gorgeous! Moon, tree, reflection

21 Breathtaking Images Of Moon That Will Make You Think If It's Real Or Not

Blue Snow Road, Stockholm, Sweden photo via mrswilson

Blue Snow Road, Stockholm, Sweden photo via mrswilson (Blue Pueblo)

Inspired by nature                                                                                                                                                      More

What Kind of Wings Do You Have?

It's like the gate to heaven or something, isn't it? So breathtakingly beautiful.

So many PRETTY things… (32 photos)

Wrought iron door in blue and turquoise light. Looks like stained glass - I LOVE this!

Take a look!!! It's a GREAT year for hydrangeas!!!!                                                                                                                                                     More

Take a look!!! It's a GREAT year for hydrangeas!!!!

Blue moon reflection over the ocean.

Blue Moon Writing Freebie - Today, August is a blue moon. Here's a quick and easy writing activity your students will enjoy. Grab it now because you can only use this lesson once in a blue moon!

Blue means youth, spirituality, truth, peace... Find our blue tones offer in Fouta towels at the on-line shop: http://www.cool-fouta.com/shop/category.php?id_category=69

19 bizarre and beautiful starfish species

Cobalt blue starfish on ocean-colored pebbles and crystals.

The Blue Tunnel in Antartica  - If you didn't know you were inside a passage hidden away in an ice shelf near the Schirmacher Oasis, you'd probably think you had somehow stumbled into a life-sized lava lamp.

10 Places That Are Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

A mysterious and fascinating deep blue tunnel - This amazing blue ice tunnel of 5 meters high and 150 meters long, was formed by the action of water and pressure ridges on the ice shelf near the oasis Schirmacher, in Queen Maud Land , Antarctica.

"Fákat látott a kertben, az utcán, a házakból kitüremkedve. Göcsörtös ágak hajoltak be az ablak elé, a levelek fényesen villogtak, mintha fémből öntötték volna őket. A lombok egészen a ház fölé magasodtak, eltakarták az eget, de a csillagok ennek ellenére keresztülcsillogtak rajtuk. A rézszín fény az éjszaka sötétjére mázolva folyt végig a gallyakon s gyűlt tócsákba a földön."

The Doorman - enchanted forest photography - trees forest woods blackbird blue - signed decorative print by slightclutter on Etsy