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Una "foca pía" mamá puede identificar a su cría entre "cientos de otras tan sólo usando su sentido del olfato"...

19 Animal Facts That Will Make You Want To Hug Your Mom - A Harp seal mom can identify her baby from "hundreds of others based on smell alone.

This Dog Is Adorably Bad At Catching Treats In Her Mouth

This Dog Is Adorably Bad At Catching Treats In Her Mouth

Resultado de imagen para fotos de rinocerontes bebés

Baby rhinoceroses are born with no horn so they depend entirely on their mother for protection.

Good Monday Morning Everyone. My work week has ended. Yours has started. HaHaHa!!!

Funny pictures about Good Dog Greg. Oh, and cool pics about Good Dog Greg. Also, Good Dog Greg photos.

What precious faces.  The eyes are just so expressive.

I absolutely adore brown cows! They are so sweet and gentle! Everybody loves the Jersey cows but I love brown cows! How now brown cow!

Plusieurs projets de recherche souffriront de la disparition de l’expertise des scientifiques, notamment ceux liés à l’étude du caribou des bois, une espèce menacée de disparition.

A moose calf can stay with his mom for up to a year before it’s time for mom to have another baby.

Is this the real life tangled

It's real life tangled! The lizard is real. The chameleon grabbed her hair, and it instantly became a picture classic.

This is JUST like my Kaiya!!!!! @Nancy Delgadillo @Annabel Schubert Solis @Clarissa Kramer Sandoval

My dog knows our routine when we are leaving and runs to her "bye bye spot". She will give a kiss to the person to leave but always does this to the person. I guess she hopes they wont leave without a kiss. I'M DYING! I CAN'T lol So sweet.

Una leona esconde a sus cachorros entre un arbusto espeso hasta que son lo suficientemente grandes para unirse a la manada…

A lioness will hide her cubs in a dense bush until they’re old enough to join the pride.