Estos increíbles GIFs ilustrados nos muestran el arte japonés de las uniones en madera

For centuries before the invention of screws and fasteners, Japanese craftsmen used complex, interlocking joints to connect pieces of wood for.

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Detalle de entramado de estructura de madera

Diseño de estructura de madera para espacios amplios [Fotos]

Article source: FT Architects The project consists of two buildings, an archery hall and a boxing club, standing a few hundred meters apart on the grounds of Kogakuin University in west Tokyo. The formal rituals of Kyudo (Japanese archery) and the .

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Architectural Technology V - Unitized Trombe Curtain Wall Analysis and Assembly Detailed design development of a unitized curtain wall sys.

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CNC Panel Joinery Notebook

Here’s a chance to see more of the CNC panel joinery ideas that Sean Michael Ragan has been collecting from all over for the past few years. While selected, obviously, for CNC subtractive man…