Mehndi by anonymous Would look nice on the inside of my bicep

as a tattoo - NO, but as Indian wedding mendhi, once it turns the red/orange color, would be really pretty, looks like a lace glove

"Goze este dia porque é a vida. A própria vida da vida.   Em seu breve transcurso, você encontrará todas as realidades e verdades da existência: a sorte do crescimento, o esplendor da criação, a glória do poder. Porque o ontem é só um sonho e  o amanhã, só uma visão. Porque o hoje, bem vivido, faz do ontem um sonho de felicidade e, de cada manhã, uma visão de esperança."  Provérbio indiano

Henna tattoo DH rant.

My feet will have henna no matter what the theme, Very Mauritian

Mehndi or “Mehendi” or henna is a paste that is bought in a cone-shaped tube and is made into designs for men and women. Mehndi is derived from the Sanskri…

90 Simple And Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners With Images

90 Simple And Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners With Images

All of us love applying mehndi designs on our hands by others or sometimes by ourselves. Here is a guide of 56 extremely easy mehndi designs that you can apply on your own

Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs:Here are some of the Arabic Mehndi designs for hands and feet that we found to be quite beautiful.

30 Breathtaking Arabic Mehndi Designs To Try In 2018

The best part about mehndi is its unique designs . Arabic mehndi designs 2016 are acquiring level of popularity among girls and women who's husbands like mehndi :) . Arabic mehndi designs 2016 are different from Pakistani designs.


Here Are Some Simple mehndi design for kids.Pictures lovely always want to provide some latest Bridle Mehndi design for wedding and party and other festival.

modern style design | Today I am sharing 15 easy and simple mehndi henna designs

35 Mehndi Designs - Easy and simple for brides and party

Resultado de imagem para mehndi tattoo designs for feet

i have always been a fan of henna tattoo’s. first of all, they look beautiful. check out some of these gorgeous henna designs. would you rock a henna tattoo?

Lo quiero

The Arabic mehndi designs are usually visible on wedding day and “Henna nights”. They also call Henna night as “the night before the wedding day“. “Henna nights” is the occasion wherein the friends.


Ooooh, I've never seen white henna before. Makes me want to go to an Indian wedding. I love the white henna, it is really original and intricate, it also stands out against the tan skin. Maybe I should get some white henna

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