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"Ogni cicatrice racconta la storia di come ognuno di noi è sopravvissuto" - Harry / Harmione / Draco

"Ogni cicatrice racconta la storia di come ognuno di noi è sopravvissuto" - Harry / Harmione / Draco

If I tried to tell people how much one book did for me, they would think I was crazy. Then again, Im not sure I would care.

I was obsessed in Harry Potter was my childhood and the childhood of a generation. I grew up with Harry, my mum read me Harry.I will read Harry to my children.

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Well that was an unexpected gif!Lord Voldemort<whole video of it and stuff like it on you tube called Hairy Podder (I think that's what it's called)

My heart really did just break How come this fandom really knows how to make you heart melt and make you cry  TEH FEELS

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Ron, Year "You have got to start standing up to people, Neville." Neville, Year 7 killing Nagini and fighting Voldemort. "By 'people,' I guess Neville thought Ron meant the Dark Lord." "Go big or go home.

I love Harry's and Hermoine's relationship, and i'm glad she kept them best friends at the end.

I was all for Hermione and Ron being together. However, the friendship Harry and Hermione share is such a strong, deep bond, that I feel any romantic kind of addition to that relationship would reck it.

“ May the day the battle of Hogwarts 14 years ago. The day that Harry, Ron and Hermione snuck back into Hogwarts and destroyed the Horcruxes. The day that Harry finally defeated Voldemort.

Severus Rogue/Snape - Alan rickman - Harry potter @Amberlie Newberry Ezell I'm getting closer to finding out :)

There are few single word lines that make me want to cry when I read them and there is only one that has resonated with my soul.RIP Snape and Alan Rickman.My favorite character from Harry Potter.

Draco malfoy quotes | draco malfoy, harry potter, lucius malfoy, quotes - inspiring picture ...

"Besides, the world isn't split into good people and death eaters. We've all got light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on." - Sirius Black (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

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