- Adventure Time - Finn x Marceline

- Adventure Time - Finn x Marceline I honestly kinda ship it but not as much as Finn & Fionna. Who do you ship Marceline and Finn with?

Adventure Time Illustration Marceline Princess Bubblegum fan art fionna and cake Tobeneep

Princess bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn. Admit it, we all thought PB was beyond awesome after this episode .<<<hell yeah she was such a badass i love her so freaking much

It doesn't really matter for me... As long as the story is the same, because either way it still has the same meaning. Also I think I'd have the show the original way... to be honest...

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Marceline, love this!!!! <3 she's meh idol besides Rihanna and Hyuna ^^

Idk who did this drawing but I love it. I guess its fan art for adventure time. Marceline the vampire queen!

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#wattpad #fanfiction they never thought that there love was real Finn was always in love with princess bubble gum. yet when a dare comes along will he change his mind ? will he find out that a friend he was close to was really is his true lover ? read to find out if this is real

New Love Blossoms(Finn x Marceline) - chapter 1