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Une activité réduite au minimum permet au panda de survivre à son régime inadapté. Photo ChiKing/Flickr

Le panda se nourrit mal mais il est sauvé par sa paresse

Giant Panda located in southwest China. Thay are threatened by habatit loss and poaching.


Funny pictures about How To Be a Panda. Oh, and cool pics about How To Be a Panda. Also, How To Be a Panda.

Un-bear-ably cute! Giant panda cubs are shown to public in China

Un-bear-ably cute! Giant panda cubs are shown to public in China

Huddled together in their new family, these are the fifteen adorable panda cubs which have been born this year at a world-famous breeding base in China


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Kin selection- The idea that evolution has selected altruism toward one's close relatives to enhance the survival of mutually shared genes. In this photograph, the mother panda is with her baby panda and in the concept of kin selection, if anything bad were to happen involving both herself and her cub, she would save her cub first because the passing down of her genes is more important than saving herself.

We're been big on baby pandas in our house ever since Tai Shan made his debut at the National Zoo in Washington, D. in So when I heard about the birth earlier this week of a new panda cub at the same zoo, I headed straight for the … Read