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Estelar e Robin ❤

Honestly I like cyborg and starfire better but this is cute <----- WHAT! Starfire and Robin are the best OTP of the woooooorld! <-------Who the hell said that cyborg and Starfire were good together!

robin, starfire and mar'i

Robin and Star and Mar'i Grayson. THIS is what has me on the fence: Dick and Babs or Dick and Starfire. I hate Starfire as a sexually mature, and provocative adult like in the comics but she and Robin as older teens is beautiful.

Teen Titans

Gym buddies by gretlusky. when I'm at the gym, I definitely relate to beast boy compared to other people there :)

Awww!!! Awww!!! Awww!!! My hawt is going into overload... Beast Boy and Raven!!!

B: "It's okay, I won't let them hurt you anymore" R: "T-Thank you, Beast Boy" *sobs hugging him*・I love this