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Aww art by Yorkita

Aww art by Yorkita

pink car

Win Lottery: Lottery Dominator - Matte Pink Lamborghini Aventadore - I could not believe I was being called a liar on live TV right after hitting my lottery jackpot! How to Win the Lottery

Teenagers. Everything is so apocalyptic << well hey maybe that's because we feel like you adults don't understand us and in most cases it's pretty true. In my experience anyways, most adults I meet have totally forgotten what it's like to be a teen

Self-help How to stop time: kiss. How to travel in time: read. How to escape time: music. How to feel time: write. How to release time: breathe.

WTF. WHO TF THOUGHT ABOUT THIS. That is a stupid idea, you shouldn’t encourage it by providing the thing they want!

Pedophiles don't need to be encouraged. If they're given "child sex bots", we'll just be telling them it's perfectly okay to be using children for sex. Pedophiles are a disgrace to this world.

Here is my take on how to bake chicken wings to perfection - crispy skinned, tender and juicy on the inside, ridiculously flavorful and tasty. Just perfect!

How To Bake Chicken Wings - The Art of The Perfect Wing

Use Tamari for gluten free. Here is my take on how to bake chicken wings to perfection - crispy skinned, tender and juicy on the inside, ridiculously flavorful and tasty. Just perfect!

I wish people could see inside my head; my rationale is much better organized than my bumbling speech and attempts at conversation would indicate.

Understanding Human

Well, that is what people tell me. I try to explain this to people when they don't understand my first thought then they get even more confused. Story of my life Yayyay

The Perfect Gluten-Free Vegan Pancake - Fork & Beans

The Perfect Gluten-Free Vegan Pancake

Stop asking "oh what's wrong  why aren't you talking there has to be something wrong?"There isn't. I just need to be alone and with my own thoughts. I'm not mad or upset. I just want to be by myself and that's ok

Black and White

I am not an introvert but I love and respect a great many people who are. I wish more people would understand what it means to be an introvert - maybe you are and you don't even realise. Introversion does not equal shyness.

Good has a purpose through the pain too. We don't meet anyone in this life by accident.

Love quote and saying Image Description I love this quote so much. I gave my boyfriend a jar full of notes for Christmas, red ones representing reasons I love him, yellow ones representing quotes and lyrics, white ones

Don't Wait Everything to Be Perfect to Enjoy Your Life

with yourself and others, you don't need to be perfect. that enables self-compassion, understanding and appreciation which enables enjoyment of your life.

Thanks why dont we for helping me accomplish most of these things

This is perfect for my life and accurate

It is easy for me to see why Pisces and Scorpio are so well matched...and why I'm so addicted to Scorpions...;)

Just because I don't say anything doesn't mean that I don't know what's going on.My silence is my self-defense. Deciding that I no longer want to know.

How not to have flat cupcakes - I wonder if this always works... it will be a fun science experiment for the kids to try this summer, especially because we can eat the results!

Vanilla Bean Buttercream Dream {aka Nanny Burke's Buttercream}

Cupcake Baking Tips - Perfect Cupcake Every Time and Best Buttercream Frosting Recipe