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El satélite artificial más brillante de nuestra galaxia - Los Marginados

Crowdfunded satellite will be the 'brightest star' you'll see in the sky ->.

Yuri Milner, who backed Facebook and Twitter, says his search for extraterrestrial life is in "listening mode."

Russian billionaire patiently listens for alien sounds

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, best-known for investments linking consumers to the Internet, is placing a bet on genetics.

Russia to launch satellite set to be almost as bright as the MOON in bizarre space race

Russian team plans to unfurl the brightest "star" in the night sky Mayak, a Russian CubeSat that may soon become one of the brightest .

The Hayabusa 2 asteroid explorer took this amazing photo of the Earth and Moon from a distance of 3 million kilometers (1.9 million miles)

Shown: Earth-Moon system. million miles apart. Photo taken from 1 million miles away.

New survey hints at ancient origin for the Cold Spot; Supervoid cannot explain the cold spot giving rise to explanations as exciting as a collision with another universe

The map of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) sky produced by the Planck satellite. Red represents slightly warmer regions, and blue slightly cooler regions. Credit: ESA and Durham University.

Science and Natural History | Brilliant 88 Carat Opal Gem - The Curator's Eye

This fine Ethiopian opal measures 88 carats lucky number Chinese

shot and edited by Yasuhito Tsuge Music : "Silhouettes" by The OO-Ray (freemusicarchive.org/music/The_OO-Ray/Instagrambient_25_Sonic_Postcards/18-TheOO-Ray-Silhouettes)

shot and edited by Yasuhito Tsuge Music : "Silhouettes" by The OO-Ray (freemusicarchive.org/music/The_OO-Ray/Instagrambient_25_Sonic_Postcards/18-TheOO-Ray-Silhouettes)

Probe MRO. The surface of Mars

A look at a few of the many entry points to the Martian subsurface, which might be capable of supporting life as we know it.

La NASA ha pubblicato le prime fotografie ad altissima risoluzione di una piccola area della superficie del pianeta nano Plutone. Si tratta di immagini catturate dalla sonda spaziale New Horizons durante lo straordinario volo ravvicinato del 14 luglio 2015. Leggi i dettagli nell'articolo!

December 04 2015 : The Mountainous Shoreline of Sputnik Planum In this highest-resolution image from NASAs New Horizons spacecraft great blocks of Plutos water-ice crust appear jammed together in the informally named al-Idrisi mountains.