The dress I would have worn to one of my graduation parties. (Shirley Temple)


Mickey Rooney and Shirley Temple, 1940s.  They both died this year, 2014.

Mickey Rooney gives a bouquet to Shirley Temple, now twelve years old, as she arrives at the MGM studios to begin work on a new film Kathleen, after a year's absence from the films.

Shirley Temple : Photo

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Shirley Temple and her daughter, Linda Susan before her Debutante ball.

Shirley Temple and Her Daughter, Linda Susan Before Her Debutante Ball, & Class Runs In The Women In This Family.

Shirley Temple and Jane Withers from BRIGHT EYES (1934)

Shirley Temple, Jane Withers, Bright Eyes , My fav Shirley Temple Movie best scene ever haha! RIP Shirley Temple forever in our hearts

Shirley Temple

Happy Birthday to Shirley Temple, who was born 88 years ago on this date in I first saw a Shirley Temple movie when I was age 21 or when I was home taking care of my baby.

Shirley Temple,Heidi,1937.

Shirley Temple,Heidi,1937.

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Shirley Temple ~ my mom looked like her as a young girl.

As I child I remember watching every single Shirley Temple movie she ever made.