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Super families

Super hero family time -- this. This is precious, then it broke my heart seeing Peter Parker without his Uncle Ben.

Don't even know wtf this is...

Doll Crawling In (Stephanie Smith)

Smith Photography Creepy Doll Project - my worst nightmare (Things To Try In Bed)

Surreal photo manipulations by Sarah DeRemer http://minivideocam.com/r/photoedit

Artist Manipulates Photos To Create Intriguing And Surreal Images Sarah DeRemer’s latest work titled ‘Surreal Experiments’ is a hybrid collection of realistic and dreamlike visuals.

Reality... Who's brilliant idea was that?

The most important thing in life is to be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman.with wine. Always be Batman with wine.

"As pessoas pensam que estar sozinho faz de você um solitário. Estar rodeado por pessoas erradas.é a coisa mais solitária do mundo."

Tudo é possível!

Surreal Digital Illustrations by Tebe Interesno. party on the moon! bring your dinosaurs