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25 packagings creativos de leche | Tago Art work

Lucky Layla Farms packaging - It’s ironic, the way that old fashion can be considered in fashion. Well Lucky Layla Farms packaging successfully employs this aesthetic tech.

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25 Cool and Creative Milk Packaging Ideas - PelFind

What a fun packaging design. And they're using their own product to help out. Super cool breakthrough.

These playful pasta packages make noodles look like all types of hair. Moscow-based designer Nikita Konkin has made it hard to see any other box of pasta on the shelves with this clever design concept.

Lega-Lega T-shirts Packaging PD

LegaLega T-Shirts - The new packaging design for LegaLega T-Shirts is truly unusual and offers customers a special surprise. Those who purchase one of the LegaLega T-S.

chocolate packaging design Desamba, Y 2013, "Choc-o lattes", 50 Most beautiful chocolate packaging designs, in Jayce-O-Yesta, viewed 6th March 2014.

Choc-o Lattes chocolate packaging design


Milla Confessions The Dieline: The World's Package Design Website in Packaging

Cadbury's Chocolate

Student Spotlight: Cadbury's Chocolate

Cadbury's chocolate packaging, student work by Oliver Ward & Nick Jarvie

Designed by Lisa Furingsten, Ida Johansson, Stellan Rexmark  & Thomas Björksund | Country: Sweden

Package Design Student work by Lisa Furingsten, Ida Johansson, Stellan Rexmark & Thomas Björksund from Sweden.

The Cultured Cow by Katrinna Whiting

Student Spotlight: The Cultured Cow

" Our prompt was to brand a subcompany of HP Hood LLC. My subcompany was called The Cultured Cow, it is meant to be marketed to health conscious mothers with a flair for design;

Shatto 3

We've posted about Shatto Milk Company before (here), but thought we'd post some recent images that were sent to us. Again, the design is done by Sullivan Higdon & Sink.

Olive & Sinclair #chocolate #package #design

Beautiful design for a southern artisan chocolate brand based out of Nashville Tennessee, Olive & Sinclair, designed by Anderson Design Group .

Man it's so cool how there's a lot of cool MILK packaging out there. I like the standard color scheme for them too. Delightful.

This design is very simple but works well because of it. the drop creates line and draws the consumers eyes to the work milk at the bottom of the carton. The bright colors against the plain white carton also aid the design.


Milky River - redesign on Behance


John & John Packaging in Socks

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DIY Rice Pudding in a bottle w/ free printable. Cute gift, or plan ahead pantry item.

Circus Ice Cream - Level Design Communications

Nice Packaging Design for Cirkus Ice Cream.