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Neska. My boxer puppy. (KiaraKlein) La Mascota de Olivia.

Neska. My boxer puppy. (KiaraKlein) La Mascota de Olivia.

Boxer puppy up to no good

the cuteness is indescribable! he 's the cutest angel! :D loooove him man!

Beauty of friendship #Boxer

I found this picture. A prayer going out to a family who lost one of their family members today.

The boxer

The Boxer dog originated around the century and was used for fighting and bull baiting. More recently, however, the Boxer has become a popular choice as a family pet or police and military dog.but it loves to play with children! To learn more about

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It's a boxer thing! Mine totally do that. I didn't know it was common.

Sweet boxer baby!!

Buddy the Mixed Breed - King Charles Spaniel & Boston Terrier Mix. Looks like a mini-boxer! I've always wanted a mini boxer!

Maria and Bruce's Daphne...every bit as cute as she looks!

Precious little boxer babies. the beauty is they are as precious when they are big and grown and still puppy like as when they're little precious boxer babies

What a Beautiful  Pair they are!!!! #BoxerDogs #BoxerLover #BoxerMom

when we had 2 boxers, male and female, they laid like this all of the time.