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cup + flowers + open window ~ time to reflect while sipping your morning coffee

[This is very pleasing design. The proportions feel just right. I like the way the paint has peeled in such a way that it resembles the lace curtain. The flowers are perfect.]  Kaari-ikkuna

white window with lace. I love the window and the curtains, but my OCD would go crazy over the paint job~

La Provence sur le rebord de la fenêtre.

Blue lobelia in a terracota pot on a window sill in Bonneaux, France I LOVE THIS! The pretty flowers and the fabulous aged, shabby window!

fenetre bouguainvillier

In a French Country home, tall, narrow windows are often encircled by wildly growing vines. Well, I always dreamed about house covered with Virginia creeper. And I still dream of it.

Wall & kitty

"A cat improves the garden wall in the sunshine and the hearth in foul weather." --Judith Merkle Riley looks like France or Italy

Roses climbing 'round the window.

The detail of white flowers gives this window very romantic air. El detalle de las flores blancas da a èsta ventana un aire muy romàntico.

photo ... paned window on a yellow wall ... red window sill with a rooster ... some folliage ...

I imagine the rooster saying, "Wake UP you lazy Girl!" I love this because I work in the country and every morning I arrive at work, there is, indeed, a rooster crowing in a Leescreek chicken yard.

Summer Silhouette, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin  but... could be my window in New England !  :))

Summer Silhouette, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin but. could be my window in New England ! :)) and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Triple Catwalk - Probably over $400 -an educated guess given similar just below that, & their text (& price) got truncated (out of view).

A Very Fancy and Elaborate Cat Lounge Structure! Like the middle part in front of the window. Not the greatest view for us, but cats like it:)

DIY Hanging Window Basket Cat Perch - I want this in the office for the kitties (:

Easy DIY Idea Box by Sandra Hellewell

hang high up from ceiling.access thru high window from walkbridge Totally nifty, simple DIY hanging cat bed window perch seat! Hymns and Verses