The Tower by Erina on DeviantArt

tarotgram: “ “ XVI - The Tower A print of this can be purchased at INPRNT ! ” I think this is the most awesome depiction of The Tower I’ve ever seen?

Darius, Thander Lin on ArtStation at

Darius by LAS-T on DeviantArt - hm, what if Eagle was branded or something? Interesting thought.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! This year has been... - Afternoon Rise

Happy New Year Everyone!!! This year has been

Happy New Year Everyone! This year has been filled with a lot of learning, self-reflecting, and productivity! I’m super excited to start off next year and finish up this on-going tarot project

Gavriel [Roherik by LAS-T on deviantART]

Aedion -Trevaen brother of Holland (When he's grown up and finished training with the Ageless)