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Manon Blackbeak by taratjah. Heir of Fire. Queen of Shadows. Empire of Storms. Sarah J Maas

Manon and Dorian by PhantomRin

PhantomRin on

Dorian & Manon fanart by PhantomRin (I LOVE the idea that they're going to get together! I can see them healing one another's broken souls *cries a little*


“[CROSS-OVER] How about some love for our long-haired dudes? Here’s Cassian teaching Aedion the art of the man-bun. As to how this happened, I dont know, and I need a good backstory for this.

Twitter. Keisha Medrano's coloring of Nehemia

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“ The Throne of Glass coloring book is BEAUTIFUL! I feel like I'm finally meeting Nehemia!

Ren Allsbrook, Aedion, Manon, Rowan, Aelin, Chaol, Dorian, Sorscha by SweetFinjaDrawings. Heir of Fire. Sarah J Maas

Maas Heir of Fire I finished Heir of Fire and I’m so in love with it! So many amazing new characters! Aedion and Rowan immediately stole my.

Crochan Queen and Heir of Blackbeak Clan, Manon Blackbeak and Elide.


precious warrior princess celaena who is one of the most amazing characters ever and must be protected at all costs

Feyre in her monstrocity of a wedding dress A Court of mist and fury-Sarah J Mass

Feyre in her monstrocity of a wedding dress kind of looks like Sarah from the Labyrinth. A Court of mist and fury-Sarah J Mass