Design Seeds

I'm wondering if I should paint the front door and shutters the blue-gray color. The brick is the orange/purple color. This seems like a very exotic color combo but my house is definitely not.

color scheme with gray and teal and green - Google Search

My new family room colors! Monroe Kent I think I like this one best for colors.the last 3 for sure! I think the other will be too dark! I am thinking either all walls that blue or one wall blue the rest gray with green curtains and accents

Teal color pallet - this would look nice

cloud colour pallet, teal, deep blue, soft grey by StarMeKitten Bedroom Possible colour scheme / guide for house.

Bedroom colors idea -patina anc lichen - a perfect inspiration for exploring dying fabric and emb. for the lichen. getting that fine texture and miniscule cups in that acid green.

sarah clementson & beverly waller! those make me think of you; so much admiration & love to you both :)

The yellow & grey color combo can never get old . Image credits: dress: stephanie williams / via grey likes weddings, pillow: urbanfringe, backdrop: 100 layer cake, door: southern living, chair: emmas