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10 Amazing Artist Renditions of Disney Characters

Disney couples prom, Disney Prom--Love Bernard and Bianca! 10 Amazing Artist Renditions of Disney Characters

If you don't think this is the cutest thing ever then you're wrong.

Disney's 1953 Peter Pan is and always will be the best rendition of the Peter Pan story EVER!

Peter Pan mermaid

Mermaid Lagoon in Never Land - Peter Pan, 1953 - .Always gonna be my favorite. ♥ - via a dame like me Peter pan mermaids

A little beast vector I doodled last night. c: Beast is my all time favorite Disney Prince. Drawn in Flash Fluffy Beast

Peter Pan (Bobby Driscol), Wendy (Kathryn Beaumont), Hook (Hans Conried), and Tinkerbell | if you're interested, look up Bobby Driscoll and read his story. It's tragic.

Peter Pan (Bobby Driscol), Wendy (Kathryn Beaumont), Hook (Hans Conried), and Tinkerbell (Margaret Kerry)!

What if Peter avoided Wendy while she grew up because he thought she didn't believe in him anymore?  John and Michael probably grew up and forgot all about him, and obviously that must have broken Peter's heart.  But then after he meets Jane and discovers that Wendy still believes in him, he finally has peace of mind and has real happy thoughts this time, not the fake ones that every teenager portrays.  Sure he could still fly, but he faked his smiles until he found Wendy again.

Peter Pan, I will always believe in you too. No matter how grown up I get. I will be a child in my heart forever.

Jasmine. 13 Disney Princesses Magically Transformed Into Magazine Cover Models by Tumblr user Petite Tiaras

Disney Princesses As Fashion Magazine Cover Models

Disney's royalty goes cover girl for Petite Tiaras' mashup of the Mickey Mouse house's princesses and popular fashion magazines. Animated beauties like Belle, Snow White, and Mulan grace the covers of Elle, Glamour, and other popular titles.

I LOVE her hair

This may be from the movie "Brave" but it's basically the story of my hair growing up! lol <-- I just can't get over the fact that Elinor actually got her hair STRAIGHT with only a HAIRBRUSH