É fotos engraçadas que vou bota nas paginas. E são  do One Direction #diversos # Diversos # amreading # books # wattpad

Fotos Engraçadas Do One Direction

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yea pretty much!    including, but not limited to:  pinching, squeezing, or slapping his bum, ripping his shirt open, and much more

'What Makes You Beautiful' has pretty much changed to 'What can we do to annoy Harry during his intense solo'

Nail and his food <3

His one true love I'd do the same thing as Niall it's the only thing that won't leave u.

they look like :

i think random rich white kid looks hot

Jajajaja ♥.♥

I find this picture funny because usually the group One Direction is very well photographed, well skilled with beautiful smiles . But in this picture, they are taken to the natural with funny faces . But some how Zayn looks perfect.

wallpaper one direction | Tumblr

Okay to be vry honest liam's looking as if he is checking if harry has a brain or not and louis is like 'man that is so cool' and harry is like ofcourse I have a freakin brain idiots.and nial is being niall