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A God-Centered Life (growing4life.net)

A God-Centered Life (growing4life.net)

It is reported in the biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) that he sent messages to different kings and leaders in a way to spread the Word of Allah and disseminate the message of Islam. Among the then world leaders who received such noble messages was Caesar, the Roman Emperor. In ...

We have to educate about Islam due to bad press it gets. Here are 12 prophetic ways of how to educate!

It's Always There growing4life.net

It's Always There - Growing 4 Life

There are real superheros all around us and we sometimes take them for granted. I am not talking about Spiderman, Superman, or any of the others. I am talking about people that we interact with daily and lack to show them appreciation at times. They also don’t get enough recognition for the amazing work they … … Continue reading →

The real superheros of the world

Standing Out in a Sea of Black and White  growing4life.net

Standing Out in a Sea of Black and White growing4life.net

Remembering the Reformation: What's It Have To Do With Today? (And a bunch of resources for further study!) (growing4life.net)

Remembering the Reformation: Introduction - Growing 4 Life