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Rae Earl.

Rae Earl.

My Mad Fat Diary. This made me smile.

My Mad Fat Diary - This made me smile :) Rae & Finn

My Mad Fat Diary | via Tumblr

Man Crush Monday: Nico Mirallegro Nico Mirallegro in My Mad Fat Diary

my mad fat diary - FIIINNNN!!!!

My Mad Fat Diary: Finn Nelson (((Nico Mirallegro)))

Somehow he makes me feel better about myself just by watching my mad fat diary, he makes me smile and my heart skips a beat when I see a picture of him❤

Nico Mirallegro (My Mad Fat Diary)

My Mad Fat Diary … seriously one of most refreshing series about being a teen ager.. funny, serious and real

The Gang: Chop, Finn, Izzy, Archie and Chloe.

My Mad Fat Diary: When Rae tells her 10-year-old self she is perfect. | 29 TV And Film Moments That Helped People Love Their Bodies

My Mad Fat Diary: When Rae tells her 10-year-old self she is perfect.

My Mad Fat Diary: When Rae tells her self she is perfect.

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My mad fat diary ♥ Finn

My Mad Fat Diary from Starling Travel

My mad fat Diary. "You can't spend the rest of your life being afraid of people rejecting you, and you have to start by not rejecting yourself. You don't deserve it. From now on, people can either accept you for who you are or they can Fuck off.

"I wanna tell you something. I'm not... I'm not good with words, I'm not good with speaking." - Finn (My Mad Fat Diary)

My mad mat diary is actually da best show ever iDGAF

You're a dickhead  Finn Rae  My mad fat diary

You're a dickhead - Finn Rae [My Mad Fat Diary] One of my all time favourite scenes ♡

My Mad Fat Diary Can't wait for season two, just one month left to go!

My Mad Fat Diary Final series tonight :(

My mad fat diary #mmfd #nico #mirallegro

Nico Mirallegro as Finn in My Mad Fat Diary this is my faaaaavourite ever program makes me laugh, cry, scream and rejoice. I highly reccomend it !

Finn Nelson, My Mad Fat Diary. My overall favorite by far

Nico Mirallegro: Finn Nelson, My Mad Fat Diary. It's back tonight!

❝They May Not Be Real To You, But They Are Real To Me.❞   In order of appearance; Percy Jackson, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Hunger Games, Les Miserables, the Hobbit, the Avengers, the Book Thief, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Fault in Our Stars, My Mad Fat Diary, Doctor Who.

Percy jackson, harry potter, doctor who, Adventures.

i can't stand that season one of this show is over and i have to wait a whole year for season two!   My Mad Fat Diary. Finn and Rae   http://calvincandies.tumblr.com/

my mad fat diary!