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SUDAN (NORTH EASTERN AFRICA) Independant from SOUTH SUDAN since 2011 <

Vessels sailing under the Sudan Country Flag are required to have on board this flag as part of flag state requirements that derive from maritime regulations in the International Code of Signals and t

Kırım Milli marşı

Kırım Milli marşı

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Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Selim Sultan: SA Saudi Arabia -Kingdom of Saudi Arabia المملكة العربية السعودية al-Mamlakah al-‘Arabīyah as-Su‘ūdīyah Capital and largest city Riyadh Official languages Religion Islam Demonym Saudi Arabian Saudi (informal)

Flag of the Republic of Vietnam Military Forces.svg

Flag of the Republic of Vietnam Military Forces.



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The stories behind the world’s strangest flags

A really interesting breakdown of the worlds flags. This would be a good warm up activity for grades when discussion government, nationhood, and global issues.

Flag of Antarctica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The unofficial flag of Antarctica, also known as The Flag of the Treaty, adopted in Antarctica doesn't have an official flag because it's not a nation nor is it ruled by a single government or ruler.

Uruguay flag - The current flag of Uruguay was officially adopted on July 11, 1830. The Sun of May has been used as a national symbol since the 19th century. The blue and white colors are modeled after the flag of Argentina, and the nine stripes represent the nine departments within the country.

This is the national flag of Uruguay, a country located in South America. Check out these Uruguay maps.

Flag of Canada

Canada Motto: "A Mari Usque Ad Mare" Capital: Ottawa Official Language: English, French Government: const. Monarchy Currency: Canadian Dollar Driving: right

Baarlamaanka dalka Turkiga ayaa ansixiyay in ciidamo dheeraad ah oo ka socda dalkaasi loo diro dalka Qadar, waxaana horey dalkaasi saldhig Milatari oo kuyaala ugu sugnaa ilaa 150- askari oo katirsan Milatariga Turkiga. Ciidamada dowlada Tukiga u direyso dalka Qadar ayaa lagu wadaa in dhoolo tus...

Flag of Riau-Lingga Sultanate - Riau-Lingga Sultanate - Wikipedia

(NEPAL) officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked sovereign state located in South Asia. Nepal is the world's 93rd largest country by land mass and the 41st most populous country. Nepal is separated from Bangladesh by the narrow Indian Siliguri corridor. Kathmandu is the nation's capital and largest metropolis.

This is the national flag of Nepal, a country located in the Himalayas with a population of over 26 million people. It is bordered by China to the north and India to the south. Check out these Nepal maps.