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A Guide to 'Yuri on Ice' the Figure Skating Romcom Taking Anime Fandom by Storm

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Kubo said he created Yuri on Ice as a world where there was no hatred of those type of things, it doesn't matter

I'm not entirely sure what this is but it's kind of cool so whatever

I'm not entirely sure what this is but it's kind of cool so whatever<<< It's a drawing thing of yuri on ice swimsuits

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Im sorry no matter what she says guys . THAT FAICE THO << i just have a problem with her makeup like seriously your a grown woman who dances how can you not know the basics of makeup

Gah, I want a Tsumiki too! DX -- Acchi Kocchi (Place to Place)

Gah, I want a Tsumiki too! DX <<< More like I want an Io! I AM the Tsumiki! -- Acchi Kocchi (Place to Place)

hey y'all i have a thiscrush if you hate me comment on there about t because i like seeing the number go up thanks  also if ya want go follow my acc @vikturii i post a lot more on there  yeah  cool  if any of you have study tips hmu #yurionicefacts

im reading all these Yuri On Ice facts and they're making me cry because this anime may not seem like a deep depressing anime but when you really look into it it's the most depressing thing i've ever read in my entire life