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Valkyria who send men to the underworld for killing men in war. The tales of them saving men for killing was a lie.

Viking Pendant Raven Rune Necklace - Warrior ODIN'S Ravens Runic Pendant Norse Amulet

Viking Raven Pendant Rune Necklace - Norse Warrior Odin's Ravens Runic Amulet

Hugin and Munin

Ravend/Art-Huginn and Muninn In Norse mythology, Huginn (meaning “thought”) and Muninn (meaning “memory” or “mind”) are a pair of ravens that fly all over the world, Midgard, and bring the god Odin information.

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Dilmun - Tilmun - Creation - Aliens - Middle East - Crystalinks

Larbro picture stone, Gotland [The Stora Hammars image stones are four Viking Age image stones located in Stora Hammars, Lärbro parish, Gotland, Sweden .

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