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La fabricación de cubos de hidrogel con modificación pegamento ADN gigante uniforme.

DNA-directed self-assembly of shape-controlled hydrogels

How To Turn a Smartphone Into a 3D Hologram Projector Using a CD Jewel Case

How To Turn a Smartphone Into a 3D Hologram Projector Using a CD Jewel Case

Who will know that from plastic cd case we can make mini hologram generator and you can watch videos without glasses.

18 Pictures Only Nerdy People Understand

18 Pictures Only Nerdy People Understand

Nicola Tesla. Pure genius. I've always loved and admired this guy. It's  just too bad he had to die poor and alone.

Tesla ❤ Serbia True genius, the story of his life is amazing. You can read it. "Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla" by Marc Seifer.

You are serious about losing 25 pounds? If so then here a list of 51 ways that can help you lose weight fast: https://www.pinterest.com/hormonereset10/ #women Weight #Loss

51 Science-Backed Ways to Lose 25 Pounds

Neil Degrasse Tyson Mind Blows Twitter...#funny #lol #lolzonline

The one about LA Angels is wrong.it's Anaheim Angels.whoever compiled this list should've done more research.

These 10 Graphs to Help You Lose Weight are THE BEST! I already STARTED LOSING WEIGHT as soon as I started following some of them! The results are AMAZING! I'm so happy I found this! Definitely pinning for later!

10 Graphs That’ll Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Losing weight doesn't have to be an overly complicated endeavor, but it does require a basic understanding of how diet, exercise, and lifestyle are related. In this infographic, learn about the actual science that is behind effective weight loss.

this actually makes a lot of sense

This fandom is so flipping brilliant. On the subject of falling and surviving, could that be how Sherlock survived?

Hell explained by a Chemistry student. This is so perfect I don't even understand.

This is the funniest thing ever! xD Hell explained by a chemistry student.